Agricultural Cooling products

Adrad manufactures and supplies cooling products for tractors, harvesters and a variety of agricultural machinery. Cooling solutions for farm machines often requires addressing a variety of challenging environmental conditions. Airborne dust, chaff or even feathers can rapidly clog a regular radiator core, so Adrad has design options that provide effective cooling in these unique conditions.


Preventing debris from entering the radiator may not be practical, but building a radiator that allows material to pass through can be the solution. Adrad's unlouvred brass core is strong, corrosion resistant and the smooth fin surface allows material to pass through the radiator as air is drawn through it or when being pressure-cleaned.

Vehicles that operating in corrosive environments can benefit from a radiator made using solder-coated fin material. The solder adds an extra layer of protection to the fin, extending the service life of the radiator.


Adrad is able to manufacture and supply specialist radiators and cooling products for off-highway applications including mining, excavation, earthmoving and construction equipment.
A variety of unique design features can be optioned to enhance radiator performance and durability under extreme conditions.

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