Industrial Coolin Products

Adrad's on-highway cooling products include radiators, charge air coolers and oil coolers that we build in our four Australian manufacturing plants. By varying materials, fin pitch, tubes and other components, Adrad can manufacture the same size radiator over 10,000 different ways. This means that Adrad cooling products can be specifically configured to meet the particular needs for your vehicle, your location and workload.


Adrad Ultra-T radiator cores fit a higher number of tubes into a compact width to deliver extra cooling power without using an extra thick core.

Adrad Adfuse cores feature precision welded headers to create radiator cores with extreme strength and durability. Adfuse is exclusive to Adrad and is ideal for heavy vehicles that endure harsh vibration, torsion stress, and extreme cycling pressures and temperatures.

The patented silicone grommet system in these charge air coolers eliminates the solid join between the core and manifolds. As a result, the unit is highly resilient against thermal expansion and contraction that can cause leaks in standard charge air coolers.

Adrad has a range of high performance and efficient cooling options for hard working trucks, buses and other on-highway vehicles. It is common to hear reports back from truck operators who are impressed with the thousands of dollars in fuel savings gained after having had an Adrad high performance radiator installed.


Adrad is able to manufacture and supply specialist radiators and cooling products for off-highway applications including mining, excavation, earthmoving and construction equipment.
A variety of unique design features can be optioned to enhance radiator performance and durability under extreme conditions.

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