power generation cooling products

Cooling systems for power generation units typically must tolerate a remote location with harsh extremes of weather and a relentless operating cycle. For many years, Adrad has been providing exceptionally strong and immensely reliable cooling systems that are proven performers in this unique and demanding application.


ADFUSE® - Adrad's Australian developed precision tube-to-header welding process for industrial radiators is the most advanced and sophisticated in Australia.
Welded joints provide superior strength and durability compared to soldered joints.
Our computer-controlled robot takes less than two seconds to complete each
tube-to-header weld with an accuracy of less than 0.1mm.
For even more strength, each ADFUSE® weld is also back-filled with solder to
provide extra support to each individual tube.
ADFUSE® produces a maximum strength bond able to better withstand the high temperatures and constant vibration that are found in demanding applications.


Adrad is able to manufacture and supply specialist radiators and cooling products for power generation.
A variety of unique design features can be optioned to enhance radiator performance and durability under extreme conditions.
Adrad is constantly developing new and innovative manufacturing methods that deliver improved cooling performance for specialised applications.

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