Rail Cooling dolutions

Locomotive cooling units operate under the combined stresses of prolonged high heat load, corrosion and vibration. ADRAD offers extreme heavy duty radiators that use a specialised construction method and heavy gauge headers to provide cooling for this application. High quality and robust construction provides a long service life and minimal down time which is critical for rail transport operators.


Mechanically Bonded radiator cores are ideal for super heavy duty cooling applications such as locomotive engines.
Extremely strong tube-to-header construction is combined thick-walled brass tube for maximum strength and reliability.
These cores withstand high pressure, vibration and thermal cycling over a long service life. Exceptional durability combines with high corrosion resistance for vastly reduced maintenance.

Available in 16mm mild steel refer to table for min and maximum size configurations


Exceptional Reliability
Superior Strength Construction
adradLong Service Life / Less Maintenance
adradHeavy Gauge Red Brass Tube & Copper Fin
adradNo Solder Joints
adradHigh Corrosion Resistance
adradHigh Pressure Applications
adradHigh Thermal Efficiency
adradProven for many years in Locomotive Engine, Haul Trucks and Power Generation cooling

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